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406 . 994 . 5694

 Bobcat Quarterback Club

P.O. Box 173380


 Bobcat Quarterback Club

P.O. Box 173380

P.O Box 173380
  Bozeman, MT

   Jerry Anderson





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“The Creative & Video Department here at Montana State was non-existent before the QB Club came along and started to invest money and resources into it, and because of the generous donations and support of the QB Club, our department is now one of the best in all the FCS”
Garrett Becker – Director of Creative Services/Video Coordinator

“Recruiting in college football is make or break in any program. Having allows us to dive deeper into kids and not make decisions on highlight tapes alone. We get the opportunity to watch full games on prospects and evaluate the type of player they are at their worst and at their best. It will allow us to make less mistakes in the recruiting process.”
JTaylor Housewright – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach

“QB Club’s contribution to the purchase of PFF has been instrumental in our scouting and game planning. The amount of information we gain through having this program gives us an competitive edge on Saturdays. We are able to efficiently give our players cutups of their upcoming matchup, as well as scout the opposing teams tendencies in a matter of minutes. There is no doubt that the funding for programs like this are having a direct impact in our performance that you see out on that field”
Justin Udy – Wide Receivers Coach/Passing Game Coordinator/Co-Special Teams Coordinator
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