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What if I am not located near an existing BQC Chapter?

    • The BQC has many members who support the MSU Football Program even though they are not living near a current chapter.  There are options to participate in the weekly in-season meetings with Coach Vigen remotely that are provided to these members.  

Do I still get the same benefits as those who live by a BQC Chapter?
    • Yes, you are entitled to all the same benefits provided in your membership level.  (Specialty ‘in-person’ events such as the Annual Banquet, Golf Tournament or Private Dinner/Lunch with Coach Vigen or Leon Costello would require travel)

How can I participate remotely?
    • The BQC has customized video conferencing software that allows for remote viewing of the Monday Night Teleconference with Coach Vigen.  

Can I still ask questions at a Monday Meeting?
    • Yes, questions can be submitted prior/during the meeting and the Q/A portion of the meeting will always include a selection of these from our out-of-chapter locations.

What if I would like to start a new chapter in my city?
    • We are always looking for new chapter leadership in new cities around the country.  Contact our BQC President, Rick Vancleeve for more information on how to get a new chapter started.

Is it still worth joining if I don’t get back to Bozeman very often?
    • Yes, while it’s great to plan on attending our BQC Weekend each September to catch a home game, BQC Tailgate, the Annual Golf Tournament, Banquet and more…we know that’s not always possible.  That said, you’ll still be able to provide your support for the program, receive your Exclusive BQC Apparel, and be ‘in-the-know’ with updates all season long directly from Coach Vigen at the Monday Night Teleconferences, regardless of your location.

If I’m interested in joining, what’s next?
    • You are welcome to check out a meeting remotely to see what it’s like.  You can sign up to do so here.  If you want to get started right away and are ready to join you can do so immediately at this link.

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